Search for CTE Courses Field

In this article, we will show you how to search by using the CTE course name field.


If you know the course name, you can search by course name using the “search for CTE courses” field/box in the top left corner of the search page. This tells the search engine to only return search results that are tagged for the course name selected.




Start typing the first word in the course name. We used “business” in this example.




A list of courses matching the word “Business” display below the field/box. Select the course you are looking for by clicking on it. We selected “Business Law.” This tells the search engine to find and display all courses tagged for the Business Law course.




After selecting “Business Law” in this example, the search page refreshes the results screen with the resources that match the course selected. These are resources that either have the course name in the title, or have keywords entered.


From this point, you can order/sort the search results using the fields at the top of the list, or you can further filter results using the fields on the left-hand field options.




That's how you search for CTE Course names!

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