Will all CTE resources on the Texas grantee sites (UNT, SFA, TAMU) be available on the new site, or remain on those sites?

Not all CTE resources on the grantee sites are migrating to the new resource center. With the implementation of new CTE TEKS in the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, all of the existing resources need to be updated and aligned with new state standards. Many of the foundational resources for existing and new CTE courses will be provided on the resource center site. Some of the foundational resources that will be available include:

  • Updated career cluster and career development guides
  • Programs of study in high-demand, high wage careers
  • Scope and sequence documents for all CTE courses
  • Updated work based learning (WBL) professional development course
  • Updated special populations courses
  • Many CTE TEKS aligned lesson plans
  • Many CTE supplemental resources
  • CTE teacher, counselor, and administrator resources
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