How to Save Favorite Resources in Your Dashboard Lists

This article explains how to create lists of related content in your dashboard, and save favorite resource shortcuts in each list. You can save Texas CTE Resource Center resources to your dashboard, but external links to other websites cannot be saved. For the best results, use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser.


Let’s say you are a CTE teacher, and want to create a list for each of the three courses that you are teaching this upcoming semester. You can create a list for each course, search for resources, and save the resource shortcuts for later use.


To create a list for each course, login into the Texas CTE Resource Center, and select “Dashboard” in the top right corner of the landing page (home page).




The screen refreshes to your dashboard. Here you can create and name folders. Select the “Create new list” link in the “My Favorites and Lists” section.




The screen displays a blank field for naming the folder and a “Create List” button. Type in the name of the list, and select the “Create List” button.

  • (In this example, you may want to name the list the course name.)



At this step, you’re ready to go find resources, and save favorite resources to any of your lists. Go to the search page by selecting “Search” next to the Texas CTE Resource center logo. Use the search field to find a resource to save to your dashboard.




After searching for and finding a resource to save, select the “Add to list” link in the top right corner of the resource page.




The screen will display a drop-down menu with your created lists.




Select the list where you want the resource shortcut to appear, by clicking once on the list. After selecting the list, a dot will indicate the shortcut is saved to that folder. Repeat this search and save function for as many resources that you want to appear in your folders.

  • Note: If you click on the list once, the list will be selected for the shortcut; if you click the folder again, the resource will not be saved to the list. This allows you to save a resource to a list, and remove a resource from a list. 


After saving resource shortcuts to your lists, navigate back to your dashboard to see your progress. Resource shortcuts should be saved and appear in your lists.


At this point you can

  • use the dashboard list shortcuts for easy navigation to those resources
  • share a list with colleagues
  • rename the list
  • delete the list 


That’s how you create folders of related content, and save resource shortcuts in each folder.

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